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New Gloucester, Maine

New Gloucester, Maine

The New Gloucester Xchange is an on-line forum for exchanging news, opinions, information, goods and services among members of the New Gloucester community. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the NGXchange provided that they identify themselves and post material that is directly pertinent to New Gloucester and within bounds of good taste and honesty.

The NGXchange is overseen by a group of 6-10 volunteer moderators who meet at regular intervals and make decisions by consensus or, when necessary, by a simple majority vote of those present. Any New Gloucester Xchange user in good standing may contact a current moderator to express interest in becoming a volunteer moderator as openings become available. Terms of service are at will.

Moderators monitor all content of posted material and have authority to delete any post that does not comply with the terms of use. Moderators also make all operating decisions for the NGXchange.  Responsibilities of the New Gloucester  Xchange moderators rotate: there are no officers. The Xchange accepts no advertising, nor is it affiliated in any way with the Town of New Gloucester.

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