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Things to be Grateful for…

Recently I heard rumblings about folks complaining about Christmas gifts being delayed (late arrivals) due to some postal service or other… to that I say…  people tend to forget, due to the commercialism of this holy day, that the 12 Days of Christmas actually BEGIN on Christmas Day and run through January 6th (the Epiphany of Our Lord). That’s 12 days (count ’em) to get your gifts “on time”. Whether you believe in this religious holiday or not… my point is, that gifts that arrive between and including December 25th and January 6th are RIGHT ON TIME! So quit your whining and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. Besides, your wingeing about this misperception only shows your ignorance publicly.
Instead, give thanks for the loved ones surrounding you, and the food on your table, and the warmth of your home during these below-freezing days this holiday season.
This holiday season be grateful; especially if you have:
1.  A warm dry roof over your head.
2.  Food on the table.
3.  Family surrounding you.
4.  Healthy kids.
5.  Heat in your home or a fire in the wood stove.
6.  Hat, coat, and mittens.
7.  Warm socks, and boots (with no holes in them).
8.  An abundant supply of fresh drinking water.
9.  Your health.
10.Your Mind.
11. Live in Maine
12. Hot chocolate!