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Things to be Grateful for…

Recently I heard rumblings about folks complaining about Christmas gifts being delayed (late arrivals) due to some postal service or other… to that I say…  people tend to forget, due to the commercialism of this holy day, that the 12 Days of Christmas actually BEGIN on Christmas Day and run through January 6th (the Epiphany of Our Lord). That’s 12 days (count ’em) to get your gifts “on time”. Whether you believe in this religious holiday or not… my point is, that gifts that arrive between and including December 25th and January 6th are RIGHT ON TIME! So quit your whining and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. Besides, your wingeing about this misperception only shows your ignorance publicly.
Instead, give thanks for the loved ones surrounding you, and the food on your table, and the warmth of your home during these below-freezing days this holiday season.
This holiday season be grateful; especially if you have:
1.  A warm dry roof over your head.
2.  Food on the table.
3.  Family surrounding you.
4.  Healthy kids.
5.  Heat in your home or a fire in the wood stove.
6.  Hat, coat, and mittens.
7.  Warm socks, and boots (with no holes in them).
8.  An abundant supply of fresh drinking water.
9.  Your health.
10.Your Mind.
11. Live in Maine
12. Hot chocolate!

NGXchange – By, For & About New Gloucester

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New Gloucester, Maine

New Gloucester, Maine

The New Gloucester Xchange is an on-line forum for exchanging news, opinions, information, goods and services among members of the New Gloucester community. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the NGXchange provided that they identify themselves and post material that is directly pertinent to New Gloucester and within bounds of good taste and honesty.

The NGXchange is overseen by a group of 6-10 volunteer moderators who meet at regular intervals and make decisions by consensus or, when necessary, by a simple majority vote of those present. Any New Gloucester Xchange user in good standing may contact a current moderator to express interest in becoming a volunteer moderator as openings become available. Terms of service are at will.

Moderators monitor all content of posted material and have authority to delete any post that does not comply with the terms of use. Moderators also make all operating decisions for the NGXchange.  Responsibilities of the New Gloucester  Xchange moderators rotate: there are no officers. The Xchange accepts no advertising, nor is it affiliated in any way with the Town of New Gloucester.

Hour Exchange Portland – Maine community-service time-bank

I heard about this “time bank” in the Portland area (Maine) through the February/March 2012 edition of AARP. I was pleasantly surprised to read that Portland, Maine was already on board with this fantastic idea. It’s a place where you can log hours of service (like cleaning, gardening, or creating web-sites) and then swap the time (hour-for-hour) for services that you need, like a ride to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, or get groceries, even get help with your taxes or wedding plans… you decide how you want to spend your credit-hours. Here’s an excerpt from the http://www.HourExchangePortland.org website.

Portland, Maine Skyline

Portland, Maine Skyline

“The Hour Exchange empowers individuals, organizations and businesses to help each other meet their needs cash-free in one-to-one exchanges and group projects… Help your neighbors and earn time-credits that can be used to receive services you need from any member. In the Hour Exchange, everyone’s time is equal no matter what the service and there are hundreds of services available. Over the years our members have exchanged over 150,000 hours of service and provided over 25,000 hours of free health care. In 2010, our members were able to weatherize nearly 100 homes and got tickets to dozens of performing arts shows. Join Hour Exchange Portland, and begin exchanging today. Don’t forget to friend us on facebook! Hour Exchange Portland is a member-led community service exchange. Member Leaders use their time and skills to help grow and sustain the Hour Exchange.”  via Hour Exchange Portland – Maine community service time bank.

And this excerpt from AARP:
“In Maine, Hour Exchange’s collaboration with area practitioners has also provided more than 25,000 hours of health care services to uninsured and low-income members.” One member “received about $2,000 in health care services in exchange for time-credits she earned doing yard work, cleaning houses, and helping members de-clutter. The experience helped to make her a smarter consumer–whether spending time-credits or cash.”

I think more communities need to jump on board this idea… in this economy, it’s the smartest thing going… and it’s all tax free!